Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Sorry, long time no blog :-)

Happy Tuesday

Sorry to have been so long in adding to this blog,
I have been very busy over the holidays and we have been away a lot as well.

The last trip was Dubai and Mauritius I did do some crochet while I was there and on the planes, a new doll, pattern and name to follow, I will have to alter her face she looks grumpy in the picture.

I am remaking Christmas snowballs to take to the NEC Birmingham in November for the Hobbycrafts Show, I can't wait to meet everyone again.

The misty foggy mornings are here this week and I don't feel like doing much when it's dark and gloomy, how about you?
Must get on with the jobs, ironing done, washing started and now to crochet, hurrah !!