Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Don't panic

Oh dear panic is setting in, my workroom is a nightmare and I hate working in a mess, the printer is going continuously because I need most of my patterns printed folded bagged and priced, then squeezed into the small space that is left in the boxes, all ready for NEC in March.

I always panic about this time trying to get patterns updated and new ones finished, typed up and tested.

I hope the ink does not run out today

New carrier bags have just arrived and lots of puppets cotton.


I hope to have the instructions up by 11am GMT ( English time)

I need to take a breather I have been up since 7.00am and it is now 10.30am I have not had breakfast yet.

Just been outside to the bin and found

snowdrops and daffodils out in the garden it does make it feel like Spring is here 

Lots to do, places to go and people to see.... 
Have a lovely day
Ali xxx

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Frosty, sunny and cold

Its a lovely bright day here in the North East this morning, it looks like a cold wind and it was very frosty this morning, oh dear I am beginning to sound like a weather forecaster.

I am going to spend the day working on my CAL which is starting on 1st of March, if anyone is interested I have started a group on Ravelry, so that we can chat about any problems.

This is the link to join the group....

I am also working on a doll at the same time I was hoping to have her ready for the show at the NEC in March but I don't think that she will have been tested by then.  I like to make sure there are no great errors in the patterns although I can always seem to make alterations to them when I happen to redo a pattern again. 

So if you ever have a problem understanding my instructions please get in touch and I will try to help. Sometimes its just the wording all designers write differently.

Another thing that I forget to say is that all my patterns are written using UK terminology.

Thank you,

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Fun on Friday with Hairpin Crochet

I had a Crochet workshop on Friday teaching hairpin crochet

After the initial fumbling trying to balance the hairpin prong and crochet at the same time my ladies progressed really well..

I hope to be able to bring you finished pictures at a later date because I set them some homework.. to finish 2 strips of hairpin, we will join them together later.

Progress one strip finished and another on the way

Update on the CAL. almost time to get ready for the first instalment

Packs of yarn are available in my Etsy store

I have some information about the CAL 

I would love to hear if you are joining us on this project please contact me 
if you have any questions or just to let me know you are joining 

Hope you are all well
Alison xxx

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Lovely sky and lots more wool


What a lovely sky we were treated to this morning, it is still really windy and quite cold as well. I took my Grandson to school and the wind was blowing across the school field Brrrr.

The sky though was amazing

I have just received some new wool supplies ready for Birmingham in March

Just hope we don't need to use the spare room before then, my Grandson said "more wool Gran you have got lots already why do you need more", well, we can never have enough can we?

I have packed some of the bags already

Just a few Bright blanket and Mandala cushion

Todays free flower pattern is for a loopy flower

Materials Required

Double knitting yarn and 4.00 hook

  1. 2ch., work 10dc. in 2nd ch. from hook, ss. to join in 1st dc.
  2. 1ch., 2dc. in same place as ss., * 8ch., 2dc. in next st., rep. from * ending 8ch., ss. in 1st dc. and into next dc.,
  3. Work 12dc. into 1st loop, * 12dc. in next loop, rep from * to end, ss. in 1st dc. Fasten off.

©Ali Crafts Designs
January 2016

This pattern is the property of A Walker and is an original design

Please do not copy the patterns for friends, or use for teaching or post on any website on the internet, this infringes copyright laws. Thank you. You may link to my site via www.alicraftsdesigns.co.uk

I hope you enjoy making this one
Alison xx