Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Bathroom and Twiddle Muffs


Sorry its a day late but bathroom is well underway..

I feel so sorry for the 2 very hard workers doing the job in this heat wave, there was no air to cool them down yesterday..

Out with the old

Monday everything is gone

Starting to see the difference

Tiling and cupboards are going in today.

Here is an update on the drawer tidying from last week,

How come you take loads out and make things tidy and the drawers are still full

On the plus side I found lots of WIPs ( works in progress ) how long some of them have been there I don't know, there was some Hardanger, Quilting, Kits and Cross Stitch, I will get back to them one day.

This week I have been making bunting and twiddle muffs to go to British Wool Show in York.

For those of you who have not heard of Twiddle muffs they are knitted or crocheted muffs with buttons ribbons and crochet bits sewn inside and out.
These muffs are for people with dementia it sometimes helps them to calm down, by giving them something to do with their fingers.

It is still hot and sticky here today, too hot for me to garden and too sticky to crochet so I think I may have to find something else to do.

Hope you are all coping with the weather,

Ali xxxx

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Catching up and bead weaving

Good morning,

Well, it is for the moment the sun was shining this morning.

My bead weaving workshop at Cleveland Lace Guild seemed to go very well last Saturday.

Unfortunately I forgot to take my mobile phone so could not take any photos, I have been to that group for some time teaching all sorts of things, crochet flowers, hardanger embroidery, hairpin crochet to name a few.

The next one is in January next year and is to be tatting,
I think that this one will be a challenge because it takes a while for most people to understand how the stitch is made.

My crochet work this week has been to catch up with Fridas Flowers,
the Stylecraft CAL, before todays final part is issued, I made it, I just have 2 pieces to add, they are ready to join so that tonight I will be able to start the borders.

I may not be able to get my blog done next week because we are getting a new bathroom and downstairs toilet, it may depend on when they need the electricity turning off. So please bear with me I will write one when I can.

My jobs for today are ironing yuk.......  and sorting out 2 of my craft drawers.

I guess I will find lots of things that I have filed away and forgotten about.

I am also being at home incase I have to pick up my Grandson from his school trip they are going to the beach and he does not like the sand.

And finally I might get a bit more of the garden pulled out if it doesn't rain later.

I hope you all have a lovely day

Ali xxx

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

July Flower Pattern and another book review and Beads

Good morning,

Today I would like to show you two more books from my collection, the first one is called All you can knit and crochet for the home.

It was a Golden Hands Special, back in the day when you only paid 50p for a book, it contains 50 patterns as well.

Published by Marshall Cavendish in 1972, with many of the leading wool suppliers of those days included.
J and P Coats, Emu, Hayfield, Jaeger, Lee Target, Mahoney and Wendy to name a few, I feel a little sad that many of the companies no longer exist, gobbled up by the bigger ones I expect.

This is a book of just patterns you have no instructions of how to knit or crochet, I think that they just presumed then, that everyone could knit and crochet.

It also included a handy chart of the tensions, with stitches and hook or needle sizes for using the different yarns.


Unfortunately I have been unable to find one for sale online.

The second book is Stitches, Patterns and Projects for Crochet, by Wanda Bonando, published by MacDonald and Co.

This lady was very prolific in writing books, she had many Embroidery, Crochet, Knitting and Needlecraft books published.

This is one of the books I go to for stitch inspiration and ideas when I need a push to design something new.

Again this one was published in the 1970s, 1978 just a bit later than the other book.

It is full of stitches, motifs, medallions, fine crochet patterns, clothes, ponchos, and blankets.

It really is a well filled little book.

Sometimes you do see this one for sale in second hand shops.

Today is the first Tuesday of the month are you ready for another flower pattern
Click the free pattern link for

Free pattern for July Flower

Good luck with this one it is a little more difficult than normal.

I would love to see your pictures and share them on Pinterest, if you don't mind me using them please send to

Thank you

Today I am going to prepare for a workshop I am going to do on Saturday for Cleveland Lace Guild,
this one is going to be Beadweaving, I need to find all the patterns because I have not used them for some time.

 Preparations underway.....   it is a good job I have lots of floor space on the landing....

I hope you all have a lovely week,

Alison xxx

Friday, 1 July 2016

CAL July

Good morning the 5th part of my CAL for July is now ready

You can click here to go to my website  for the PDF
I hope you enjoy this square

Ali xxx