Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A new doll - Ava

My daughter suggested I design a slightly smaller doll to add to my collect of doll patterns.

This is going to be Ava, she is worked in 10 crochet cotton and I really pleased with how she has turned out.  She is about 7 inches (18cms) tall.  Great for using up oddments of cotton and not too time consuming.

Pattern coming soon....

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Buttons buttons buttons

Hello, how is everyone?

I am just finishing off a crocheted bag this morning, I am ploughing through my button collection, not easy choosing from so many different buttons.  Maybe my next project should use lots and lots of buttons...

You can find the Flora bag pattern is on Etsy.  I am liking the different colours in this version of Flora bag although it reminds me a bit of Minecraft. Maybe my Minecraft obsessed Grandson is having an effect on my colour choices.

I am also working on another blanket. I designed this pattern years ago but have reworked and rebranding some elements. Pattern will be available soon.

Take care everyone,


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A Twist on Tartan

We have been pretty busy over the past few weeks creating some new patterns. This is my latest blanket design, A Twist on Tartan.  I really enjoy making these, it is quick to do and they look very effective.

A Twist on Tartan on my Etsy store

I have also done a video to show how to crochet the twisted fringe.

Around June I always start thinking about new designs for Christmas. I have decided to create a Christmas doll this year. The pattern will be available soon...

Monday, 16 June 2014

How to crochet videos


I had a stall at a local craft fair at the weekend. It was a lovely day but I had so many people saying they would love to learn to crochet.

I have decided to do some simple how to videos.  I have just started with the basics but will progress to more advanced crochet techniques.

How to make a slip knot...

Very important we need to know how to get started.

How to crochet a chain stitch...

How to crochet a double crochet...

Is there any stitch you would like to know how to do? Let me know and I will try to make a video of how to do it.

Happy crocheting,

Alison x
Monday, 2 June 2014

New pattern tag baby blanket

I have just put a new pdf pattern onto my Etsy shop...Tag Blanket 

This is a textured blanket approx. 30cm square. You can add as many tags along the side of the blanket as you want.

I used double knitting yarn, the stripy blanket is Stylecraft Merry go round which is really effective.

There is a choice of eight different tags that you can add to your blanket.

Happy Crocheting, Alison

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Strings or worms?

New work in progress
Are these strings or worms?
Don't know?
Have a guess........
Monday, 19 May 2014

Countryside Farm

I am doing a craft show at Bristish Wool week in September. I was asked to make some farm themed crochet items to go as part of a large display to raise money for Help for Heroes.

Cabbage field

C2C paved yard...



I am really looking forward to seeing all the work put together at the show.

Alison x