Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Patchwork Bags and Crossed Trebles

Good morning

I was hoping for another lovely day today so that I could continue to tidy up the flower pots in the garden, yesterday was just perfect, sunny but not too hot and I managed to make start.

I think that I will go out today looking for some inspiration, oh dear poor bank card...
My inspiration usually means shopping not looking at other peoples gardens, I am not a very good gardener.

Patchwork Bags

I have been practicing with the new sewing machine this week and have finished 2 bags, one that was started a few weeks ago and one that I managed to do in a day.
Both were from kits and instructions I have bought when I have been at the crafts shows.

I was thinking that it would be nice to show you some of my favourite stitches so here is the first one.

Crossed trebles

One of my favourite stitches is crossed trebles, I think it gives a little bit of texture without being complicated.

Miss a stitch, work treble in next stitch, then work a treble into the missed stitch..... simple.

I have done a video clip and will tell you where it can be found when I work out how to add it to the others that I have done.

Well I think I will get on with the shopping, the traffic should be a little quieter now the school run is over.

Enjoy your day

Alison xxx

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Catch up part 2

Hi again

Catching up with the blog part 2

We have been away for 11 nights to Scotland, I think that we got the best weather that the West Coast can produce. It was glorious, really warm... much to our surprise, we had packed for rain and cold.

We stayed on the Applecross Peninsular and I found some interesting things to do..

At Applecross they have a Heritage Centre and on Mondays there is a lady who demonstrates how to use a spinning wheel. Much to my surprise she made me wear an apron, sit down and have a go.


 So I turned some wool like this into this in about 10 minutes.

I felt really chuffed its not good but was fun to do.

Then on Wednesday I met Lesley from Croft Wools and Weavers, she was teaching another lady called Ann and myself how to dye yarn using natural plant dyes.

Much to my surprise on arrival I was taken across a field, wondering where I was going, thinking I had forgotten my coat, we went down some steps and arrived at a beautiful summerhouse with a veranda nestled by a stream.

The 3 hour workshop flew by too quickly and we both enjoyed being with Lesley very much, we have both come away wanting to have a go ourselves. I ordered a book as soon as I could and intend to buy a kit to have a go.

If you are ever on the Applecross Peninsula it really is worth a trip to look at their shop or ring earlier to book a workshop.

The colours that we dyed drying in the sun outside

They really are beautiful colours..

Thanks to Lesley xx

Going to order the kit now I will show you my results, that is if I manage to have any results.

Happy Days

Alison xxxx

Holidays and no internet


I am sorry to have missed 2 weeks of blogging, we have been away and the internet was not working in the house that we rented.
I took 2 books with me to review for the first week, so here they are.

This is one of the books I really like

The Crochet Stitch Bible by Betty Barnden

It contains basic stitches and has good instructions, pictures as well as stitch diagrams using symbols.

The patterns include shells, squares, traingles, motifs, trims and edgings. 

It is a spiral bound book, with each page containing the information for one pattern.
This book is still available online on Amazon for approx. £11.00
I found that the instructions are very easy to follow and with the diagrams and pictures it will certainly help beginners and improvers.

Now a blast from the past, the following book is one of the very first books that was bought for me, the Vogue guide to Crochet this book was published in 1971.

The lace mat was a very well used pattern back in the days when we used mats to protect our furniture.

There are many patterns inside including a wedding dress, coat, bedspread and even a bikini, I can't even imagine  making that, this book is not in print at the moment but can be found second hand, if you keep looking.

There we go the first week caught up......

Happy crocheting

Alison xxxx

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Ships and Sunshine

Beautiful Sunshine when I woke this morning, although it seems windy.  I am not too good with weather reporting, I just look out of the window, no fancy gadgets to help.  Not like the weather channels, although they don't always get it right do they? 

Today I have added a Flower for May.

Not to be confused with The Mayflower which was the ship that sailed with the Pilgrims from Plymouth to the New World in 1620. Ha Ha!!

I have worked this one is double knitting cotton.

If you want to download the PDF from Ravelry click HERE.

Materials Required

Approx. 16metres of double knitting yarn I have used cotton but any DK will work

4.00 hook

Approx 3 inches (7.5cms)

1. Ch. 2, work 12 dc.  into 2nd ch. from hook, ss. into front loop of 1st dc.

2. Working in front loop for this round only work 1ch., 1dc. in same place as slip stitch,  *work 5tr. in next dc. 1dc. in next dc., repeat from * ending with 5tr., ss. into 1st dc.    ( 6 petals )

3. Working behind petals for this round and in back loops of stitches left on round 2, work 1ch. 1dc. in the same place as ss. *3ch. miss 1dc., work 1dc. in next dc. repeat all round ending 3ch. ss. into 1st dc. ( 6 loops )

4. Ss into 1st loop work 1ch., (1dc. 1htr. 5tr. 1htr. 1dc.) in each loop.  ss. into 1st dc.

5. 1ch. 1dc. in dc. on round 3 and working behind row 4 petals work *4ch. 1dc. in next dc. at the other side of petal on 3rd round repeat from * ending with 4ch. ss. in 1st. dc.

6. Work (1dc., 7tr., and 1dc.) in each loop all round ss. into 1st dc. Fasten off.

If you want to make the flower bigger don't fasten off continue to repeat rounds 5 and 6 increasing the number of chain stitches 5ch on round 7 and 9 trebles on round 8.

Fasten off and darn in the ends..

I am starting to forget which patterns have been free flowers so forgive me please if I have added this one before.

I need to go to post a parcel so will finish now.

Have a happy day,

Ali xxx

Sunday, 1 May 2016

May CAL Instructions

1st of May already

Here we go the next part of the Mystery Crochet Along is ready.
You will find links on my website and on Ravelry.
I have given you quite a lot to do this month I have added 3 rows of border to the main square and some tiny squares as well.

I hope that you will enjoy these tiny squares.

From Alison xxx