Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Free Christmas Bird Pattern


Its so cold today but the sky was amazing this morning so I took a few photographs.

I am feeling festive after going to my Grandsons Christmas play, so thought I would put my Christmas bird pattern on here for free.

These are so quick, easy to make and use up oddments of yarn.


double crochet
half treble
slip stitch

Oddments of Double Knitting Yarn, a 3.00 hook and a small amount of toy filling.
Start with red
Ch.4, ss. to join in 1st ch. to form a ring
  1. Ch.2, 9htr. into ring, ss. to join in 2nd ch. at beg.  (10sts)
  2. 3ch., 1tr. in same place as ss., 2tr. in each htr., ss. to join in 3rd ch. at beg.  Fasten off first colour (20tr)
  3. Join 2nd colour to sp. between sts., 3ch., 1tr. in same place, 2tr. in each sp. to end ss. to join in 3rd ch., fasten off.   (40sts)
  4. Join new colour to same place as ss., Fold in half and working through both layers of curved edge, work 1ch., 1dc. in same place as ss., 1dc. in each st. to end of curve.  Place a little stuffing inside if you need it.  (20dc)
  5.  1ch., turn 2dc. in 1st dc., *1dc. in next, 2dc. in next dc., rep. from * until you have worked 15 dc., then work first leg, 10ch., work 2dc. in 2nd ch. from hook and 2dc. in each ch. to main work., work 2dc. in next dc. on curve and 1 dc. in next then work 2nd leg as first leg., rep. from * to end of curve.

No need to fasten off ss. into 2nd st on curve and work beak
4ch., 1dc. in 2nd ch. from hook and 1htr. in next ch., 1tr. in last ch., miss 2dc. on curve and ss. into next dc., fasten off.

Hanging loop
Join yarn to front edge of first ring, ch.25, ss. into 1st ch. to form a loop fasten off.
Darn in all ends.

Wings – make 2 and stitch to side of body 
Ch6., work 1dc. in 2nd ch. from hook, 1htr. in next ch., 1tr. in next, 1htr. in next 1dc. in last. Fasten off.

Cut 3 lengths of yarn.  Fold in half and pull loop through the last dc. and then pull ends through the loop.  Trim to the length required. 

Really hope you enjoy making these decorations.

Merry Christmas,
Alison x

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Free Bunting Pattern


I have created a bunting pattern for a future show in August.  I have been making lots of different colours, its great way to use up oddments of yarn.

Materials Required

Oddments of double knitting yarn
approx. 10 meters of main colour

4.00 hook

3 to 4 inches (9 to 10 cms)

Turn at the end of each row

  1.  2ch., 1dc. in 2nd ch. from hook.
  2. 1ch., 2dc. in dc.
  3. 1ch., 2dc. in 1st dc., 1dc. in last dc. (3dc)
  4. 1ch., 2dc. in 1st dc.,  1dc. in each dc. to end. (4dc)
  5. 1ch., 2dc. in 1st dc.,  1dc. in each dc. to end. (5dc)
Rep. row 5 until you have 16dc., fasten off.

Fasten the border colour to the top right hand corner of your flag, work 1ch., 2dc. in same place, 1dc. in 14dc., 3dc. in last st., 1dc. in each row end, 3dc. in bottom point, 1dc. in each row end to top of flag 1dc. in same place as 1st 2dc., ss. to join in 1st dc. Fasten off.

Cut 6 x 6inch lengths of yarn fold in half and with wrong side of your flag facing put hook through the bottom point stitch, pull the folded end through, pick up the loose ends with the hook and pull through the loop. trim ends to tidy.

I have worked a length of chain and spaced the flags along it as I worked the chain by catching the top corners with a dc. or treble.

double crochet
slip stitch

I hope that you enjoy this design, I would love to see any bunting that you make from it to put on my Pinterest account.

Many Thanks,

Alison xxx

Friday, 21 November 2014

Another owl workshop

We have done another workshop on Oswald owl today.

Anne has done one in bright colours

Hilda's looks like an owlet. He looks like he is winking.

Well done ☺️

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Extra crochet workshop

Today we had a hoot it is owl workshop day

These are Carols 

Sarah has continued working her Mandala Cushion

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Oh no I have done it again

Placed an order for yarns and have no idea where I am going to put them I know that is not a lot for me but cupboards and shelves are full........

It is lovely Twilleys Goldfingering and  Wendy 4 ply cotton

Wish me luck in finding them a home.

Alison xxx

Monday, 17 November 2014

Seasons Blanket

Hello everyone,

My latest pattern for Seasons Blanket is now on Etsy it can be worked in 4 colour ways and 2 sizes.  I have loved working on these blankets and choosing the colours based on the photographs I have taken.

This is winter and summer...

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. 

This was the photograph that inspired the winter blanket.

This blanket is simple to crochet with only one row of pattern the rest is changes of colour. If you enjoy c2c blankets this could be a very good alternative as it grows quickly.

Hope you enjoy,

Alison x

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Winter iPhone Cover


This is a simple free pattern for a winter iPhone cover. You can chose from two different snowflakes to go on the front.  Just make sure you check you have enough rows to fit your phone, as I didn't read my own pattern and made this one a row too short...oops.

This free pattern can be found on my website....

Free iPhone pattern

Hope you enjoy,



Monday, 10 November 2014

Hobbycraft Show at Birmingham NEC


My husband and I have had a fantastic weekend at the Hobbycraft show at Birmingham NEC. Thank you for all the wonderful comments about our products and patterns.  We never expected to be quite so busy.

I really enjoy meeting new customers and having a chat about crochet although we had a few laughs about 'no knitting here' comments from my husband.

Thank you to all the returning ladies we love to have your feedback about our designs.

This was our stand once we had just set up...

The most popular patterns over the weekend seem to be Princess Blueberry and George..

Really looking forward to the next big show in March, Sewing for Pleasure.

Alison x

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

New patterns on Etsy


This week I have been continuing changing my patterns to PDF patterns.  I have added two shawls and Mandala cushion cover to my Etsy store.

This is the Spider shawl which is a full circle shawl crochet pattern. It is made in double knitting yarn or Noro Silk Garden Lite with a 5.5 hook.  The finished shawl is light weight and easy to wear and measures around 44 inches (112cm) diameter across. 

Spider Shawl on Etsy

This is the Jessica Shawl which is a Half circle shawl measures approx 46 inches (102cms) across top edge 28 inches deep (72cms).

Jessica Shawl on Etsy

Also the Mandala cushion pattern is now available to buy. 

Mandala Cushion cover

Friday, 17 October 2014

Mandala Workshop Day

Here are a few works in progress for today's workshop

These are Hilda's lovely colours

This is Sarah's 

and Carols 

How different they all look.
They have all worked very hard today and got lots done.

My cushion is now finished and all buttoned up..........

It's been a super day well done everyone........
Alison xxxx

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Winter is coming


I have just been selecting colours for the winter blanket. I wanted this blanket to feel bright, crisp and cold.  I am still using the Parchment as the main colour in each seasons blanket.

I had a picture from Hardwick Park, Stockton taking two years ago and then chose the colours based on the photograph.

Alison x

Trip to Thailand


I have been away to Thailand for two weeks. We had a lovely time but it was very very hot.

View from the hotel...

This is a picture of downtown Nathon...

 I even managed to find a wool shop...

Sunset view from our balcony...

I did get plenty of time to do some crochet while I was away...

Now I am starting to prepare for the Hobbycraft show in November at the NEC, Birmingham.  I am wanting to start doing some kits of wool and patterns.  Starting with a seasons blanket...this is spring.

I am now starting on the Summer version of the blanket but have also been trying to finish this mandala cushion design for a workshop on friday.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Ava pattern now on Etsy


Ava doll has now been tested and her pattern is now on my Etsy store.  She is a slightly smaller doll around 16 cms tall and is worked in cotton.

Pop along to my Etsy store for more patterns...Ali Crafts Designs

I always have a number of projects on the go at the same time.  I have just started a new blanket in these colours....This one is for spring. I love choosing different colour combinations, these are Spring green, wisteria, sherbet and parchment.  I am going to do the blanket design in 4 different colour ways for each season.

For Autumn I uploaded a photo and selected colours based on the photo, it was taken at Falling Foss near Whitby.

These are the colours similar to the photo. My blanket only needs 4 different colours so I have chosen, Parchment, Meadow, Spice and Mocha.

Alison x