Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Good Morning

Good Morning,

I am back on track again after Christmas, back to the normal washing, cleaning and crocheting at last.

Our weather has been pretty dismal this week, I have put some of my schedule on hold waiting for some brighter days.

I seem to have got my brain back into gear and loving the project that I am working on this month.

Totally out of my comfort zone using lots of colours and not ones that I would have normally chosen.


Update on one of my presents the Stick Man kit

I was excited to try this kit because the instructions were beautifully printed and looked very easy to follow......

I know that you can feel the but coming so here it is.... but there were no pipe cleaners included and no wool for the leaves which were on the instruction sheets and not enough brown wool for all of the children. 

I have not finished the construction of the pieces because I need some pipe cleaners, I have crocheted all the pieces so will be ready when I find some brown pipe cleaners.

On the bright side I did enjoy making the bodies, the instructions were great..


I have also been preparing for a workshop that I am doing for the Cleveland Lace Guild on Saturday.

This time I am going to teach the lovely ladies there how to tat. 
This is not an easy task if they are complete beginners, so I have prepared a short video on how to turn the stitch which I will keep running continually. 
Well that is the idea, wether it works is another matter.


Yesterday I was crocheting a baby jacket for a friend of my daughter, it was very straight forward and although I am not very good in working out the sizes for babies, I think it worked out ok. I don't know if the size is right yet and may have to work another one a bit bigger. I will have to wait and see..


I have reduced the Season Blanket pattern on Etsy and Ravelry to 60p + VAT

This blanket can be worked in 2 sizes and has 4 different colour ways for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

The Spring Seasons Blanket Yarn Pack has enough yarn for the small blanket and includes the pattern. It is available in the shop.  


Off to add more wool to the sale in the online shop

Wool to find a home for and pictures still to take

Happy Days 

Ali  xxx

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