Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How to crochet a Spring Flower

This is a tutorial of how to make a simple spring crocheted flower that I designed on the train going to London a few weeks ago.

You will need a 3.50 hook and a few oddments of double knitting in any colour you like.

Just a reminder all my patterns are in UK terminology.

Stitches used and the abbreviations...


ch.  =    Chain
dc   =    Double Crochet
htr.   =   Half treble
rep.  =   Repeat
ss.    =   Slip Stitch
st.   =   Stitches

tr.  =    Treble

To begin with make a slip knot and put onto your hook and make 2 chain.

Then 8 dc (Double crochet) into the 2nd chain from hook, ss to join in 1st dc.

To start the next row  2ch.

      Then , 2htr. in same place, *2htr. in next dc., rep. from * to end, ss. to join in 1st htr.  (You should have 16sts)


      This row you work in front loops of sts. for this round, 1ch., 1dc., in front loop of 1st st., * 3ch., 1dc. in next st., rep. from * ending 3ch., ss. to join in 1st dc.

      The final row you  work in back loops for this round, 1ch., ss. into back loop of 1st st. on 2nd round, 3ch., 3tr. in same place, * 4tr. in next loop, rep. from * in each loop, ss. to join in 3rd ch., Fasten off

      This is the finished flower. The flower could have lots of different uses such as decorating hats, cards or blankets. 

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