Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Free Christmas Bird Pattern


Its so cold today but the sky was amazing this morning so I took a few photographs.

I am feeling festive after going to my Grandsons Christmas play, so thought I would put my Christmas bird pattern on here for free.

These are so quick, easy to make and use up oddments of yarn.


double crochet
half treble
slip stitch

Oddments of Double Knitting Yarn, a 3.00 hook and a small amount of toy filling.
Start with red
Ch.4, ss. to join in 1st ch. to form a ring
  1. Ch.2, 9htr. into ring, ss. to join in 2nd ch. at beg.  (10sts)
  2. 3ch., 1tr. in same place as ss., 2tr. in each htr., ss. to join in 3rd ch. at beg.  Fasten off first colour (20tr)
  3. Join 2nd colour to sp. between sts., 3ch., 1tr. in same place, 2tr. in each sp. to end ss. to join in 3rd ch., fasten off.   (40sts)
  4. Join new colour to same place as ss., Fold in half and working through both layers of curved edge, work 1ch., 1dc. in same place as ss., 1dc. in each st. to end of curve.  Place a little stuffing inside if you need it.  (20dc)
  5.  1ch., turn 2dc. in 1st dc., *1dc. in next, 2dc. in next dc., rep. from * until you have worked 15 dc., then work first leg, 10ch., work 2dc. in 2nd ch. from hook and 2dc. in each ch. to main work., work 2dc. in next dc. on curve and 1 dc. in next then work 2nd leg as first leg., rep. from * to end of curve.

No need to fasten off ss. into 2nd st on curve and work beak
4ch., 1dc. in 2nd ch. from hook and 1htr. in next ch., 1tr. in last ch., miss 2dc. on curve and ss. into next dc., fasten off.

Hanging loop
Join yarn to front edge of first ring, ch.25, ss. into 1st ch. to form a loop fasten off.
Darn in all ends.

Wings – make 2 and stitch to side of body 
Ch6., work 1dc. in 2nd ch. from hook, 1htr. in next ch., 1tr. in next, 1htr. in next 1dc. in last. Fasten off.

Cut 3 lengths of yarn.  Fold in half and pull loop through the last dc. and then pull ends through the loop.  Trim to the length required. 

Really hope you enjoy making these decorations.

Merry Christmas,
Alison x

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