Tuesday, 27 January 2015

My Craft Room


I am still working on the Seasons doll patterns, the three remaining dolls have now gone to be tested whilst I work on some other projects.  Lots of typing up to do before the Sewing for pleasure show at Birmingham NEC in March.

Whilst sitting at my desk I glanced around my workroom. I describe it as a tidy mess and I am the only one who can find anything.  I like having lots of wool around for inspiration, many books with lots of notes and ideas in.

Shelves full of wool but I never seem to have the colour I want.

Wardrobe full of wool as well.

Over the weekend we were supposed to be doing the RSPB bird count for an hour in our garden.  Saturday came and no birds at all to be seen.  Sunday, no birds again. We were very puzzled until we saw this....

A large sparrow hawk which must have frightened all the birds away.

Take care, Alison

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