Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Poinsettia, Patterns and Patchwork


This week I have reached a record for how long a poinsettia plant will last from before Christmas
These plants usually die before Christmas arrives, but this one is amazing it is flowering now.


Breaking news

I have reduced all my toy patterns on Ravelry and Etsy to £3.00 each, this is to make things simpler at the shows.

I have been tidying up and have found a crochet calendar from 2009. 

These calendars are full of lovely designs almost 360 every day has a new pattern or a second part, so the are not 365.  I am not so sure I would ever make the slippers, I like the grape cluster though.


At last this week I have had time to use my sewing machine, I have made a purse, a bag and a quilted simple bag which needs a fastener and edging..

All were kits I have been storing in a drawer for some time, I pick them up at the shows and forget to make them or don't make the time to make them.

After the last show at Birmingham I have been having a few weeks of time off designing the crochet patterns and leaving time for me to do other things, dare I say it but I have been knitting as well..

Knitting is not my favourite occupation :-)

I have joined another part work for knitting in the hope that I will get to like it more, my Mother was a great knitter she was never without something on the go..

I hope you all have a good week, at least the sun is shining here today, I am going to get on with some jobs that really need doing, I would rather be crocheting or sewing...

Happy days

Alison xxx

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