Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Finally back on track

Good morning

I hope that you are all well on this miserable day, pouring with rain, dark and cold here in the north again.

I really feel much better this week, back in to doing things at last, here are a few of my projects at the moment...

Bright blanket

The blanket I started to work on at the NEC show is finished, it is the bright blanket pattern using different colours.

I have also started to make a piece of beading for this years tea light design, the pattern has been done for some time and the ladies in my class have been working on them so that they will be done for Christmas, I have not made a sample one for a few years.

Caught up on my knitted squares from Simply Stylish knitting as well, working the continental way of knitting has really speeded up my knitting progress and now I like to do these small squares, not sure yet wether I would prefer knitting to crochet as knitting still seems slow to me.  Sorry to any knitters out there......

I have also started a Christmas tree kit from Pinflair which I bought a few years ago, I have not had time to start it until this week.

So far so good... I have not made too much mess yet, I am not very good with glue, it gets everywhere. This is the first time I have used bookbinding glue and it seems to be very easy to use, and a lot less messy.

Last night I started on a new design, it started out as  a doll and has ended up as a square, the doll is shelved, oh dear I thought that the brains were back in gear, perhaps not quite.

Finally not crochet related but I went to my local WI yesterday and enjoyed the talk very much. 
Pat had designed and made beaded flags and flowers from over 30 countries.  

Just amazing !!!

She was also selling these lovely trees and flowers in tiny pots for charity

Oh dear just look at the time it is almost 10am, I have a pile of ironing to do before I can do any fun stuff,
keep warm and crochet !!!!

Ali xxx

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