Tuesday, 5 January 2016

New Years resolution

Happy New Year everyone we wish you all the best for 2016

Did you make a New Years resolution ? Have you broken it yet?

Mine is to keep up with the blog I was a bit lax before Christmas, I hope to bring you updates at least every 2 weeks holidays permitting, we were not going to have so many this year but have 2 short breaks booked already oops!!

We are having a very dismal day today, it is raining and dark, I just feel like turning up the heating and crocheting all day, but jobs must be done and I have a pile of ironing, yuk!!!

I have been busy today preparing for a workshop that I am doing for our local lace guild on Saturday, the workshop does not take too long to prepare but we are very lucky because they ask us to bring the shop as well and that does take some putting together because it's stored all over our house, under beds and in cupboards, it's everywhere. 

Hairpin crochet flowers added to scarves, these are samples for the workshop

Another of the things that I am hoping to do this year is to design a flower every month and add it to my free patterns on Ravelry look out next week for the first one.

I have no idea how many people follow this blog could you please drop a comment to say hi and where you live, thank you.

Cheers Alison

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