Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Lots of goodies and broken tooth

Good morning,

It was lovely to meet everyone at the weekend, we had a great time, hello to all our new customers and welcome back all the lovely ladies and gentlemen we have met before.

Arrived home from the NEC yesterday feeling very tired.

We were all packed up and back to our hotel on Sunday night before 7pm Sunday which is not bad.

Sunday is a long day the show started at 9.30am and does not finish until 5pm, and then we need to dismantle the stall and try to get it all back into the car the same way that it went in, that of course never happens!!!!

That may be because lots of goodies seemed to find their way into my shopping bag.

We also went the the Photography show which proved very expensive I don't think I should have let Phil go by himself 3 times on Saturday and Sunday and with me on the Monday 

He did say that he had saved lots of money on what he bought, so I have ordered a new sewing machine with the money he saved.

 My old one was my Mothers and has done lots of miles, I think it might be classed as vintage.

Today I am starting the stocktaking before everything is put back into the cupboards and wardrobes. I better get going I broke a tooth and need to get to the dentists as well.

Don't forget that the next instalment for the 2016 crochet along will be available on the 1st April 2016

Happy Hooking
Alison xxx

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