Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Flowers, Hooks and Dyes

Good morning,

Lovely start to the weather this morning,.


I have been working on Stylecrafts Fridas Flower CAL this week and I am really enjoying working the flowers.
Working in the Classique cotton is lovely, I have had this cotton in stock for a while but have not used it much.


I have also been crocheting some more bags to use up oddments of No.10  and 5 crochet cotton.


I thought it might be a good time to show you some crochet hooks
These hooks are all supposed to be the same size, they are 3.50
As you can see they all vary a little and this can change your tension if what you are making needs a good tension. I always make a note of the hook size and the colour and make of a hook when heaven forbid I store something away for a while. 
I am afraid that this happens a lot when I have a designing head on and I need to get the idea down on paper unfortunately I can't draw out a plan I have to work on the idea to see if it works. 


Now I am going to show you may latest goodies, I can hear my husband groaning in the background, here goes another fad.......
I am nearly ready to start dyeing my yarns, here is the latest haul.
Cooker, yes, stock pots, yes, dyeing stuff?, yes, not quite sure what they all are yet, books of instructions, yes, yarn to dye, yes.  Hurrah,  just need a good day to set up outside to start my witches brews.
One of the books is to show me which flowers to grow in the garden to use for dyeing, I am not much of a gardener either, but next year I may give it a go as well..

Not this morning though,
I need to finish my bookkeeping and I have to get some sewing done on the machine, I hate shortening trousers and skirts, I wish I was taller...

Have a lovely day
Ali xxx

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