Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Late, late, late for a very important date

Good morning,

I am so sorry I totally forgot that it was Tuesday yesterday, I have been confused for days about what day it was, I think its because we are getting a new bathroom soon.
I can't wait we have been in this house for 30 years and I did not get to choose the colour, it has not been bad but it is so dated now. This is the old blue sink...

I have chosen white and will be getting rid of the carpet and having the pipes all boxed in.....  

Well thats the idea, roll on the end of July.

We have had a good weather day, so I got out all the new goodies that I showed you last week.

I set up a table outside put on the pans of water to boil

Added some dried marigold flower heads

Added the yarn and bubbled it up for hours

I got quite a pleasing yellow and lemon colour, they are a bit pale, I think that I was too eager to see what had happened.  I can't wait to try again and see if I can get some darker colours.

Phil and I have been busy in the garden this week, when it wasn't miserable weather, we have had some bushes and trees cut down and needed to clear the area, so the roots needed digging out and we have started to replant the area. We have a small slope to the garden so it is difficult to decide what to do with it, I will let you see when we finish in a few weeks.  I am on a mission to get everywhere sorted and cleared, it won't all happen at once, I will get there eventually.

I guess I better get some work done now I have some patterns to type up and my worst nightmare do some ironing and housework.  Happy days.

Talk to you soon 
Ali xxx

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