Thursday, 23 June 2016

Late again

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry the blog is late again, Phil and I have been away again and the Wifi at the hotel would not publish my posts.

It was Phils birthday at the weekend and we wanted to take a few days holiday in England, there was a problem, everywhere we wanted to go was full and we even tried Majorca, we have a free day each from the hotel that we go to in the mountains and it was full as well.

You will never guess where we went for 4 nights.

This is a view from our bedroom window, still no idea.

We had a 7 hour flight and went to Dubai, we stayed on the Palm on the Crescent.
It was very hot the sea was like a bath and although the hotel was busy.....

This was the beach

I had a good length of time to crochet and worked on a 4ply cotton  shawl on the plane and a woollen one on the beach, pictures will follow later.

Today I would like to show you a video of how to work a Solomons knot stitch which makes a lovely lacy pattern.

I came across this stitch many years ago and have found it used on a snood in a book from 1973 which was reprinted in 1983.

The Complete book of Crochet, published by Octopus books and Treasure Press.

Solomon's Knot Stitch

If you follow my youtube channel the link is here, it is not too difficult, I hope that you enjoy having a go...

Happy days

Ali xxxx

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